Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 24th Birthday Sunshine Wood

I got an email from a friend of mine who works for the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. The subject of the email said: "SUNSHINE WOOD'S BIRTHDAY - April 6, 2011"

When I opened the email, there was a brief account of Wood's case, accompanied by a few photos:

Sunshine Wood known as ‘SUNNY’, is a 16-year-old female who has been missing since Friday, February 20th, 2004. Wood was last seen at approximately 11:45 p.m. in front of the St. Regis Hotel, 285 Smith St. in Winnipeg. She was last seen standing amongst a number of hotel patrons in front of the hotel.

Sunshine came to Winnipeg in September 2003 from God’s River, Manitoba, to attend school and at the time of her disappearance was enrolled at Gordon Bell High School. She is not a chronic runaway and her disappearance is uncharacteristic, however, she is street smart and has a number of friends and acquaintances in the downtown area.

Sunshine is described as aboriginal in appearance, 5’7”, 220 lbs., with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She has letters tattooed on all fingers of her left hand. At the time of her disappearance she was wearing a dark coloured ‘Exco’ sweatshirt, blue jeans and black boots.

The Winnipeg Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Sunshine Wood. The two photos attached were obtained from video footage shortly before her disappearance. Police are looking for information that would identify the male in the picture with Sunshine Wood. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Winnipeg Police Service Long Term Missing Person Task Force at 986-3338 or Crimestoppers at 786-8477.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Their Own Words: A Poem for Sandi-Lynn Malcolm

Today, April 3, is Sandi-Lynn Malcolm's 19th birthday. However, the young woman was killed last year, just days before she was to turn 18.

Here is a poem written by Malcolm's cousin Jennifer Spence...

She Would be Nineteen

By Jennifer Spence

She would be nineteen ... would be forging her path and she'd be unstoppable!
There would be time ... time for living carefree and loving every single moment
and her time would be spent entertaining the notion of another day.
Mortality is a difficult game to play it renders us weary when loss is our reality
and the pain cuts deep. Its sensation leaves a lasting scar for which there is little relief.
Somebody wake this family from the clutches of this nightmare!
Shake us free from the depths of this despair....
lurking around every corner
in every heart. Tho not always at the forefront, still ever present waiting ...
for the invitation to spring to life and induce the wail of a sad spirit.
She would be nineteen , today she would be...