Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in a name...

Claudette Osborne-Tyo and Patience, July 10, 2008. Two weeks before Osborne-Tyo went missing

Claudette Osborne-Tyo went missing on July 24, 2008, just two weeks after giving birth to a baby girl named Patience Claudette Bushby on July 10. The eight pound baby girl was Osborne-Tyo's fourth child, and second child with her fiance Matt Bushby.

"She wanted lots of kids," Bushby said. "She loved being a mom."

Sadly, Osborne-Tyo's dream of being a mom to her new baby daughter and her other children, Iziah, Layla and Dayton was cut short when she vanished in the early hours of July 24.

L-R: Patience, Layla and Iziah 2010

For two of the older children, Iziah and Layla, memories of "Mama June" as they call her, are evident. Iziah, now four, says he wants to be a helicopter pilot when he grows up so that he can fly over the bushes in Manitoba to look for his mom, and Layla, five, believes that her mother will come home if the family can get a big enough Christmas tree at Christmas time.

For Patience, however, there are no memories. The little girl, now almost three, has no recollection of her mother since she was only two weeks old when her Osborne-Tyo went missing. Instead, Patience, who Bushby says is exactly like Osborne-Tyo in both personality and appearance, only knows her mom through pictures and stories.

Aside from the stories and pictures, Patience has a special and unique connection to her mother that nobody else has, and that is her name: Patience Claudette.

Bushby says that when their daughter was born at around 4:00 p.m. on the afternoon of July 10, 2008, both he and Osborne-Tyo were shocked to find out that their new little bundle was a girl.

"We had an ultrasound done, and we were told that we were having another boy," explained Bushby, adding that he and Osborne-Tyo had only picked out a boys name.

Neither was prepared for the arrival of a little girl.

Bushby recalls Osborne-Tyo's absolute panic for not having a name picked out. He said that she was beside herself, trying to think of names for their daughter.

"She was so impatient, she wanted to have a name for the baby before her family came to visit," said Bushby with a smile. "She was getting all worked up and I said, like I always did, 'Patience Claudette.' and we both just stopped and kind of looked at each other."

And just like that, the little girl was named.

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  1. Thank you for humanizing the people in such a horrible story. It can be so easy just to look at the flaws and indescretions of people involved and blame them for their circumstances....but with your diligent and sensitive prodding, you humanized the missing women. These women and girls are not expendable, they are/were loved and so important to others in their circle.