Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sandi-Lynn Malcolm

Family Photo of Sandi-Lynn Malcolm courtesy of Facebook

She kept it a secret for months, lying and making excuses about the many bruises on her body. However, Sandi-Lynn Malcolm's parents knew that something was wrong and they kept asking the 17-year-old to tell them who was hurting her. The teen refused to confirm their suspicion that her new boyfriend of only a few months was abusing her, until one day her step-father Percy Mousseau pulled her aside and she finally told her secret.

"He'd hit her in places we couldn't see," alleges Malcolm's mother, Glenda Haufner, adding that once Malcolm told them of the abuse, she took precautions to keep her second oldest daughter out of harms way.

"Towards the last couple of months (of the relationship) she just wanted to be friends with him," Haufner said.

However, Malcolm's intent to remain friends with the her ex would have fatal consequences for the teen. In the early hours of February 27, 2010 the young woman from the Ebb and Flow First Nation, approximately 262 kilometres north of Winnipeg, was stabbed to death at a residence on the reserve.

"I'm so sad every day," said a tearful Haufner, clutching a framed photo of her daughter. "I wasn't done loving her yet. He took her away from me."

The family marked the one year anniversary of Malcolm's death by holding a vigil on the steps of the Legislature. They drove nearly three hours into the city to not only make sure that Malcolm's case will not be forgotten, but to also shed light on domestic violence.

"For all the young ones who are in domestic violence, get out as soon as you can because you don't have a second chance," warned Malcolm's father, Kingsley Malcolm in his address to supporters and onlookers.

Supporters held signs and photos of the young woman as they braved the bitter cold. Family members lit candles and took turns speaking and sharing stories about the energetic and loving young woman.

"She was a very loving person, always joking around," said the grieving father.

The vigil was organized by Malcolm's cousin, Lisa Spence, who also organized a vigil for the girl last march.

"At the time of Sandi's death the Olympics were closing, so there was not much coverage about her. We needed to bring it to the publics attention," she said. "I felt I needed to do this so we could honour her and bring people together to support one another."

Ronald Joseph Racette Jr. of Ebb and Flow First ation has been charged with second degree murder, aggravated assault, and assault causing bodily harm. He is slated to go on trial in Dauphin next November.

Malcolm is survived by her mother and step-father, Glenda Haufner and Percy Mousseau, as well as her father Kingsley Malcolm. She is survived by two sisters, Brandi and Carrie, and a younger brother Cody.


  1. missing mizz sandi-lynn i was hopin to go but couldnt find a ride.but baby girl i will come next time. i stood by ur grave sunday lit a candle and set it by ur grave but the wind blew it out me n my mom, u know i hardly like to cry in front of ppl so i waited till we left...i miss n love you so very much...always n forever babee girl love,,MARTINA MARILYN HOULE....

  2. She was one of my best friends as I grew up and it is was very devastating to see this happen to her. Sandi was always a friendly person and died far too young.

  3. missing her everyday i miss laughing and joking around with her. yes she died far too young. love and miss you sandi-lynn a.k.a slynn <3