Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the Mayoral Candidates have to say about the problem of missing and murdered Manitoba women

CJOB's Mayoral Debate at Red River College: Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I asked mayoral candidates Sam Katz and Judy Wasylycia-Leis to discuss what they would do, if elected, about the issue of missing and murdered women in Manitoba.


  1. Sam: "Blah blah blah blame the province blah blah blah more cops blah blah blah lip service."

    Judy: "Blah blah blah more lip service blah blah blah nothing concrete until you give me something blah blah blah NDP rules." (Although that "one woman, 500 times" line was kind of awesome.)

  2. How do you even define a winner based on that answer? I say vote for Judy anyway

  3. Nobody is going to turn this situation around right away. This problem does not lie with the city it is much bigger and should involve changing of the laws by the province. All the Mayor can do is hire more Officers to patrol more areas.

    Neither provide a great answer, but unfortunately bigger news in the papers these days are gangs and drug busts. Of course they will dedicate more police to cover those areas first.

    I think Katz is doing a fine job with the city and should continue.

  4. It starts at home and Winnipeg is home for me. I truly believe that the city can do tons in terms of addressing this issue and putting pressure on the government to address the issue as well. More police is not the answer, this is just a bandaid on the bigger problem which is rehabilitation. We put people in jail and surpress their criminal actions while they are locked up or do we? We need to offer alternatives to criminal action and the programs that Judy would implement if elected is a great start. We need more investigators looking and acting on these unsolved cases to find the person/persons responsible. The missing persons unit has 4 investigators and umteen cases, how can we possibly expect them to be able to actively investigate ALL of the cases with 4 people not to mention they also work with "at risk youth" to ensure they do not end up missing or murdered so when we say it is a bigger issue than our city, I say yes but it needs to start somewhere and in our own backyards is a pretty good starting point!